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Who we are
hr Global Web Promotion, founded by G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd., a public held company listed on TAIEX, has been a specialist in SEM for more than 6 years. Headquartered in central Taiwan, we pioneer in the field of search engine marketing in Asia with innovative technology, insiderís expertise and solid industry relationship.

Our Other Published Websites :
li Taiwan Products Online
li China Trade Directory
li China Sources Online

To keep up with the dynamic and ever-changing nature of e-business, our SEO team of experts is fully dedicated to staying current with the latest research papers, as well as developing powerful result-based tools to maximize web site marketing.

To date, we have scored notable successes for our clients in both large public listed corporations and small-to-medium-size companies in various industries.

Our constant pursuit of appropriate search engine optimization services and reliance on up-to-date technological tools will bring you the exposure you need. We guarantee it.

What we do
  Unlike other web site promotion films, our SEM services aim to exploit the marketing of your company on two different fronts: direct marketing and indirect marketing.

Direct Marketing involves promoting web sites on leading search engines and related web portal sites.

Indirect Marketing promotes web sites via our already optimized web pages that have consistent top ranking on search engines.

We have developed thousands of trading-related web pages armed with product keywords and key phrases commonly used by buyers. B2B marketers can pick up the pages on which they desire to be included, thereby maximizing their exposure.

What we convey is a site with informative and persuasive content, professional graphic design and user-friendly navigation isnít sufficient to become a awesome web guide, but with easy and diverse accessibilities that users are able to access anytime, anywhere, such as implementing a keyword search. For more information about our search engine marketing services, please visit our services section.

Why Global Web Promotion
icon Direct Marketing:
1. Complete and Broad Coverage: lists your website on 12 mostly used major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Netscape, Overture, InfoSpace, altavista, Lycos, Earthlink and looksmart. For B2B clients, we submit your website to B2B trading portals in your targeted markets.
Google MSN Netscape
Yahoo! AOL Overture
InfoSpace Earthlink Altavista
Looksmart.com/ lycos Ask Jeeves
2. Web Site Analysis & Report: offers detailed report with results on analysis of web site architecture & content for search engines.
3. No Lag: constantly checks and maintains your ranking placement. We keep you from lagging behind your counterparts.
icon Indirect Marketing:
1. Hyper-dynamic Trading Portal: China Trade Directory & Japan Trade Directory are the B2B portals with more than 25,000 buyer users per day.
2. Ever-increasing Links: 3,000 access links to Google so far, and keeps increasing.
3. Buyer Targeting: contains every specific keyword and phrase buyers commonly use. Therefore, potential buyers always find our web pages.
4. No Lag: constantly checks and maintains our ranking placement.
5. Speedy Fulfillment: it takes two weeks to find our web pages indexed with search engine after your request for certain specific keyword or phrase.


Successful Sample:
How other B2B manufacturers using
Glcbal Web Promotion to
blueIncrease Traffic
blueAcquire Real Buyers
li 250cc Motorcycle
li Cable Clock
li Car Piston
li Golf Club
li Imitation Jewelry
li Food Machine
li LCD Monitor Arm
li Projection Screen
li Promotional Pen
li Rubber Tape
li Rubber Roller
li Spinning Bike
li Stress Ball
li Yogurt Maker
li and more ....