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Global Web Promotion

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Global Web Promotion has technical edges that others far lag behind to catch up:
icon Multi-products Submission
A keywords or phrase may have synonymous terms that is interchangeable in usage.

And B2B buyers from different countries are in favor of their ways for naming products when conducting query at search engines. Take pipe bender for instance. Pipe bender can be replaced with pipe bending machine.

Pipe Bender Pipe Bending Machine
Cover all of the potential buyers on the Internet!
To cover both keyword phrases buyers may either use, we create web pages for both terms ranking top at search engines. No matter which phrases they query, your website always pops upon their eyes first. So we are proud to say we help you target buyers worldwide.
icon Quick Feeding Submission
On average, it takes 5 to 7 weeks for Yahoo! and Google to index your website, but about half the submission requests will fail.

Therefore, we develop cutting-edge techniques that guarantee your ranking placement at Yahoo! and Google within one week, much quicker than the other SEO companies.

icon Quick Update & Up Grade Submission
Periodically, search engines will make changes to their database and ranking rules, and at times, it influences the search results, dropping the ranking nowhere.

In common, a search engine marketing firm will take another 5 to 7 weeks to recover the ranking status. However, at GWP, we bring the placement back to your original top ranking within only one week. The time GWP saves helps accelerate your time to market, heading ahead your counterparts.