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Info Reguest
Are you a B2B manufacturer keen in hunting for a significant trade portal able to promote your products? with outstanding visibilities?

Our websites, China Trade Directory is the answer.

China Trade Directory AD Match
China Trade Directory is a B2B portal indexed with more than 18,000 manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and vendors from Taiwan and China.

The human-edited content and handpicked product images guarantee a sourcing result that meets your expectations.

In addition, there are over 3,000 web pages armed with specific product keywords and top ranking search engine phrases, skyrocketing the traffic. At present, the number of web pages is increasing fast.

An international B2B manufacturer should not ignore promotion with such an influential trading media in Asia.

Not just cutting edge technology:
graph For more than 10 years, we have been in the business of helping B2B suppliers to promote their websites worldwide.
graph CTD ( China Trade Directory ) is the leading B2B portal for global buyers looking for Asian manufacturers.
graph CTD has more than 3,000 web pages indexed in major search engines such as Yahoo and, Google. Superior ranking maximizes your visibility and accessibility to targeted buyers.
Global Web Promotion offers 4 online promotion programs:
graph Promote your products:
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A 48060 banner placement at the top of the search result page. Choose the keywords which you call up you banner. You pay based on the click amounts.
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A 12090 button placement at the top-right section of the page. Choose the keywords you prefer to let your button ad show up. You pay based on the click amounts.
graph Join China & Taiwan suppliers database:
graph Golden Site
Your company website is superiorly listed on search results pages with product description and images. An effective way to direct buyers to your website.
graph Supplier List
Your company website is in indexed in the directory at chronological order. This is a basic must-have for web site promotion.
* The judegment of inclusion in the directories remains solely with Global Web Promotion due to the accuracy of website content.