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We optimize your website: with keyword domain, the title, meta description, meta keywords, heading, subheading, alt tag, link texts, hyper link URL summary and proper keywords-weighted copywriting.

We analyze your website: usability & accessibility with insightful and articulate report on tag line, logical navigation, content and design consistency, load time, “help” & “FAQ” instructions and text-links sitemap. We commit to maximizing visitor returns to your site.

Title Optimization: The title is one of the most important parts of your web page. We will optimize your title to make it as effective as possible.

Meta Tag Description: This is the descriptive summary of your website, and one of the major parts search engine regarding as importance, thus weighing on your site ranking. So we craft an effective description that makes sense to both users and search engines.

Alt Tag Optimization: We create ALT tags with keywords and keyphrases that best describe images on your web pages at proper keyword density.

Keyword Density Check: Each search engine has their keyword density rules, which causes your site to score higher or lower. We check the keyword density in your web pages and optimize with great effectiveness.

Link popularity check: Many search engines rank your website based on the number of sites that link to yours, and more importantly, the quality and relevancy of those sites. We handpick reputable directory in your industry and submit your website to increase your link popularity.

Dead link check: Dead links not only confuse users, but irritates search engines that may drop your high rankings. We check your web page for broken or dead links and give suggestions for fixing them.

Evaluate HTML code: We'll check your HTML code to make sure everything is in order and is search engine savvy

Submission Results: We give you a submission report with detailed ranking results and traffic volume statistics.


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