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Info Reguest
SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) Services
It has been established by many well-known research institutions that search engines attract 92 percent of the web population. We understand your need in finding professionals to enhance web architecture, compose engaging and discerning content, orchestrate keywords strategies or develop meta tags.

Our SEM experts are here to help increase the flow in traffic to your website.

Samples are cached pages; you may also click the photo to see the latest ranking in Yahoo and Google.
Yahoo Search Power IC Yahoo Search Imitation Jewelry
graph Power IC graph Imitation Jewelry
graph Website: China Trade Directory graph Website: Tairong Imitation Jewelry
graph URL: www.manufactuers.com.tw graph URL: www.imitation-jewelry.com.tw
graph Category: B2B Directory graph Category: Jewelry Materials & Accessories
graph More Samples for other B2B industries......
1.Website Consulting
graph Industry Characteristic
To effectively promote a website, you have to know which industry your website belongs to, what are its industry characteristics, target audiences and customer demands.
graph Website Visibility
Which position does your website rank in major search engines? Is your site visible to global buyers? What can you do to improve visibility? We offer a complete report to show the current positioning and visibility of your website, and offer practical suggestions to improve them.
2.Website Review & Analysis
graph Barrier Free
Making HTML and scripting modifications friendly is very important for helping your site while it is being indexed by search engines. Applications such as frame, flash, table, java script, java and asp widely influence the robots which cache your site. How to avoid barriers and improve “ robot friendliness”?
graph Usability Optimization
A website is your company's face to the world. Visitors (potential customers) look around in your site to know about your company. If your site is hard to navigate and too cumbersome, then you lose the customer.
graph Website Development Consulting
We offer a complete website development consulting service, from url name to the whole website structure.
3.Keyword Strategy
graph Keyword Research and Selection
A good keyword is a magnet for real buyers. A wrong keyword confuses visitors and may represent the loss of many actual buyers. We offer the best keyword phrase suggestion that focuses on your industry and your products.
graph Meta-Tag Development and Implementation
We provide suggestions on how to write effective meta-tags relevant to your site content, improving your website ranking.
4.Site Content Enhancement
graph Content & Copywriting Optimization
How to write website content that flows and is optimized for search engine indexing? To meet both requirements, we analyze your content and advise the best content you on how to achieve these goals.
top Search Engine Friendly Site Map
Site Maps are one of the most important areas that search engines count as key content. Many people fail to realize this and “unfriendly” site maps.
5.Website Submission & Listing
graph Directory
Directories are well-categorized portals with lists of web sites edited and published by human editors. Human editors are either paid ( like Yahoo! ) or unpaid ( like Open Directory Project ). Yahoo!, for instance, doesn’t guarantee your site inclusion even after paying the $299 submission fee. What it guarantees is that they will take a look at your site within 7 days.

Your website may be refused listing if it is not well structured. We help you structure your site in most “directory-friendly” way possible.

graph Full Text Indexing
Spiders, robots ( or bots ) are sent out by search engines to “taste” websites. We are the “chefs” who transform dull, often unappetizing meals into delicacies. Your targeted keywords “dish” will be positioned on the top of search result menus because your web site material will fit their appetites.
6.Link Building
graph Linking strategy development
Linking your web site to other relevant sites which search engines regard as the prominent enhances your ranking placement. However, done it excessively will be counted as spam, ruining the website severely. Therefore, we conduct a survey to compile a list of quality sites, such as business.com and significant B2B trading portals in local markets, and implement submission.

For B2B clients, we periodically publish trade leads on trade portal sites not only to add to the ranking, but to deliver a quick message to forge partnership with potential buyers, all pointing to your website.

7.Reporting and Maintenance
graph Campaign Results Reporting
After implementing all the optimization and submission work, we will provide you a detailed report with search engines, keywords or key phrases and URL links articulating your website placement and ranking.
graph Monthly or Quarterly Web Log Analysis
Quarterly, you will get an analysis report about your traffic statistics. It helps realize how many visitors come to your site, how many hits and page views they make and where the traffic generates from.

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